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Emanuele Ancorinibespoke Coaching & Consulting

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THE ONTOLOGIGAL APPROACH People's beliefs, values, and assumptions shape their reality and determine their behavior. Our clients create breakthroughs that enable them to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships with others, increasing their sense of their overall quality of life.   At Omniwin, we believe that everyone has the potential to thrive. Experienced certified coaching, consulting, certified meditation teacher, with a dedication to holistic growth and helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. We offer a range of coaching services, workshops, seminars, and online courses that are tailored to your unique needs and goals. Our approach is Ontological, and it is grounded in the latest research on emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and mindfulness, and we have a proven track record of helping our clients achieve profound breakthroughs.

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One-on-one Coaching

Individually designed personal development and coaching, call, video-call, or in-person. Beliefs, values, and assumptions shape reality and behavior. Instead of telling you what to do, coaching enables you to uncover your blind spots. With this new understanding clients are left with new possibilities and solutions that they can act on immediately. We empower clients to exceed perceived limits and leverage their existing knowledge for deeper self-understanding, creating breakthroughs and improved relationships. Our commitment is to empower people to discover the most powerful questions that lead to breakthrough answers and results.

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Executive and Leadership 

As an Executive Consultant and coach, and as a Senior Advisor, I bring extensive experience collaborating with founders and executives in the United States, Sweden, and India. In today's rapidly changing world, leaders and employees must have one trait above all: adaptability. To survive and thrive as everything changes, being a profoundly malleable learner becomes a superpower. With a deep understanding of leadership, self-governance, performance, and managing expectations at the highest levels of success, I serve as a trusted advisor for clients, aiming to identify 'blind spots' and expand their perspectives. Inside our leadership development training, you gain powerful new insights and become agile in dealing with things that were previously hidden from your view. With your new understanding and perspectives, you see situations and people in new ways, giving rise to new actions and extraordinary results. My role is to provide honest and objective advice on improving communication, structures, and processes without catering to egos. By employing a direct approach that prioritizes mutual understanding over appeasement, I implement impactful structures that significantly enhance results. In all areas of mastery, people are constantly training and developing themselves. The best athletes in every sport have a coach; the best medical professionals continuously train and develop; the same is true for top corporate leaders. Regarding C-Suite Executives, I have noticed that the relationship between coach and consigliere is often highly wanted and the most effective. Leveraging my global experience, I navigate diverse business landscapes and incorporate cross-cultural insights into strategies. This multifaceted approach ensures that my clients overcome challenges and thrive in the ever-evolving global business environment.



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Emanuele Ancorini
ICF and CTA Certified Coach

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boutique coaching helping clients find deep clarity and create a direct path to success

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